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Women's Center Services:

     Breast Massage -NowAvailable

Consists of specific strokes applied to the soft tissue of the breast to:

Increases circulation of blood and lymph

Reduces congestion in breast tissue

Relief from mastalgia (breast pain)

Improves posture

Restores range of motion in the upper body

     Cancer Massage-Now Available

Light, relaxing massage can safely be given to people at all stages of cancer.

Offers pain relief, improves anxiety & depression, helps with negative body image issues...... *prescription needed from Oncologist

     Mastectomy Massage-Now Available

Tailored to suit each patient’s needs, can expedite your healing process as it empowers you to get back in touch with your body. *prescription needed from Oncologist

     Medical Massage-Now Available

The application of a specific treatment targeted to the specific problem(s) the patient presents with a diagnosis and are administered after a thorough assessment/evaluation


     Post Partum-Now Available Relaxing and restorative! An effective and holistic approach while adjusting to motherhood.

MLD- Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage-

Preliminary Health Assessment 90 min (max) $125

30 Min included inChoices of Wellness Membership

30 min $75

60 min $150

90min $199



Custom Relaxation and Deeper Massage includes Biomat and Aromatherapy (add $15 for Deep Tissue):

30 min Swedish Massage Therapy: $43
60 min Swedish Massage Therapy: $75
90 min Swedish Massage Therapy: $109
90 min with Active Stretching Sports Massage Therapy: $130
120 Min Swedish Massage Therapy: $148
30 Minute Reflexology: $60
30 Minute Reflexology with Himalayan salt soak & pampermint exfoliation: $69

Energy Work:Reiki Therapy
60 Min: $85 
90 Min: $115

Spa Treatments
      90 Minute Hot Stone Massage: $125                              
      90 Minute Full Body Salt Glow: $140
      Back Only Salt Glow & Moisture Treatment: $80
      Foot Scrub & Moisture Treatment: $50

Facial massage & Exfoliation -Youth Glow & Moisture Treatment for all skin types, includes neck treatment:

     Basic Facial (40 Min): $58
     Signature Facial (70 Min): $85  

 Alternative Wellness Sessions

Detox Foot Bath Options: Single use: $45, 3 visits: $125, 6 visits: $230

Throughout the course of the day, a person will encounter a variety of environmental factors which affect their well being. These factors cause toxins to build up in your body throughout the day. This buildup prevents your body from functioning at its optimal level. Though your body detoxifies as much as it can, it never can eliminate all toxins. That's often why you may feel tired, have headaches, catch colds frequently, have sinus problems, dry skin, or bad breath.

     This re-balancing helps you dispose of unwanted toxins and revitalizes necessary nutrients within your body. The result is a renewed vitality and increased physical and mental energy levels, or, put simply, you'll feel better. Balance, detoxifiy and energize your body with an Ionic Detox Foot Bath.  Several sessions of this therapy can kick start the expulsion of harmful toxins from your body through Diffusion and Osmosis as your body rebalances its equilibrium. When your body is in equilibrium, the cells and organs will be  able to function at optimal efficiency.

 Halotherapy (salt room) Packages & Membership

Tranquility Room Meditation $5/hr Meditation in the Himalayan Salt Room
Halotherapy 45 Minute Sessions: $65
Allergy Prevention 3 visits $ 100 Valid 7 consecutive days
Allergy Survival  4 visits  $150 Valid 14 consecutive days
Dynamic Duo (Far Infrared Biomat and Salt Cave Session): $130 
One month OR 12 visits over 1 year: $350 (non transferable)
Six months OR 26 visits over 1 year: $650 (non transferable)
Annual Membership: $950

For your safety, Halotherapy visits are limited to no more than 3 visits per week.

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