March Saturdays: March 2,16, 30.

March Sundays: March 10, 24

April Saturdays: April 13, 27

April Sundays: April 7, 14

May Saturdays: May 11  ONLY

May Sundays: May 5, 19

June Saturdays: TBA

June Sundays: TBA


SAVE THE DATE!! April 7 Sunday

10am Healthy in Hunterdon Walk Donate to YMCA

11am Body Movement and Stretching even for the office! Buy Seat NOW  

12 Noon "Phluffing the Girls!" Have you fluffed your girls today? Presented by Cheryl Chapman, BSN, LMT

This is an informative 45 minutes of information and participation of breast health! Cheryl is light, bright and cheery, and comes to us with decades of experience in health and wellness. $10 BUY A SEAT NOW (click)

 1PM sharp Crystal Activation Workshop: This afternoon includes a personal Synergy 5 set , a class presentation and a personal activation with your Synergy 5 Cost per person $99.00  BUY SEAT NOW
Galaxy Hypnosis is hosting Crystal Guardian Peter Jarvis, for this Introduction to Synergy 5™ crystal workshop. Synergy 5™ provides a healing alignment of your higher self and your chakra energy centers. It also provides dimensional alignment and a cosmic alignment of Earth’s crystal grid.

Synergy 5™ allows more light to be taken in on a cellular level while releasing energetic blockages on your personal ascension path.Use of this set can lead to profound energetic healing. The set includes 5 high vibration crystals including an Andara monatomic crystal.The workshop will cover how the Synergy 5™ sets came to be, why they are here and how they are evolving. Each attendee will receive a personal Synergy 5™ set which will be activated during the workshop.

FLEMINGTON SCHEDULE: OPEN BY APPOINTMENT Mon -Fri, Alternating Saturday and Sundays

Please call with special needs!

CEU Training:, Mar 11-12, April 1-5                    

Spring Breaks:   April 28 -May 1

May 25 - June 3: Closed for Lyphedema compression training

Summer Vacation: TBA

Fall Break : TBD



Wall Township: will be closed indefinitely Please call us regarding your package or gift certificate! 732 966 5704

We are apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

Dear friends and clients of the Wall Township Body N Balance facility.
I reach out to you with very mixed emotions because I have been faced with the very challenging decision of closing the Wall Township facility. At this time the needs of my family have become more tremendous than what I can balance having two facilities. So I have chosen to close the Wall Facility last weekend. For those of you who are being guide for nutrition, and life style modification I am continuing this service. However, the spa will no longer be available for Reflexology, Massage Therapy, or Salt Room Halotherapy.
I am humbled by the number of friends and clients that have shared in the growth and existence of the 9 years that Body N Balance became the home of much laughter, tears, education and healing. I will cherish all the memories and friends that I have been blessed with and hope that everyone can understand this very difficult choice that has been made.
I do thank you and have appreciated your continued support and patronage over the years.
For anyone who may still have any type of package credit, there will be a prorated credit returned to you via check by November 30, 2018 unless you call and let us know that you would like to use your credit in the Flemington facility.
As many of you know how much I have enjoyed my service and spa in the Wall Township community from the many hours and days I committed, I am looking forward to spending more time with my husband, my Dad, my son and now 3 beautiful grandchildren.
I will remember and cherish my time with all of you and have continued thanks for a very enjoyable time in my life.
God Bless you all with continued good health!
Sincerely with Kind and Warm Regards Always,
Cynthia Orsi

   OUR NEW PHONE NUMBER IS (844) 725-8228
Phone calls for Wall Township AND Flemington are directed through this number!

Scheduled Closed Days / Holidays

 11/22/2018  Thanksgiving All / Business Closed



12/25/2018 - 12/26/2018  Christmas All / Business Closed    
 12/31/2018 - 1/1/2019 New Years Day All / Business Closed